“The Care Your Car Deserves”
You might be surprised at the array of services available at Premium Auto Detailing. Customers enjoy options such as tinted windows, windshield water repellent, paintless dent repair, professional car alarm installation and more. With so much available, it’s no wonder automotive customers are making Premium Auto Detailing their one-stop resource for car care!

Auto Detailing
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Paintless Dent Removal: Per Quote
This revolutionary new technique removes those “dings” and “parking lot dents” without repainting your car. More convenient and less expensive than a tradition body shop, “PDR” keeps your car free from body filler and actually preserves your original paint job.

Windshield Water Repellant: $19.95*
Repels water, snow, sleet and ice from your windshield to dramatically improve visibility. This technology is already in use on many emergency vehicle and aircraft windshields.

Lime/Sap Removal: Per Quote*
Substances such as lime, sap, road tar and bird droppings can eat away at your car’s paint, especially when allowed to remain for a significant amount of time. The perfect answer for vehicles that are parked outdoors most of the time.

Wet Sanding: Per Quote*
This technique works much like compounding, which gently removes surface scratches and light oxidation without disturbing the paint job. An excellent solution for scratches and creases that haven’t penetrated the clear coat.

Odor Removal: Per Quote*
The longer odors remain in a car, the more trapped they become, settling into upholstery, carpeting and other “porous” fabrics. Most can be removed using our specialized technique, especially if attended to quickly.

Convertible &Vinyl Top Cleaning: Per Quote*
Tops are thoroughly cleaned and conditioned to withstand sunlight, harsh weather and temperature extremes. We use the most gentle, yet effective cleaning solutions and rich creams for long lasting conditioning.

*Trucks, SUV’s, vans and vehicles in poor condition are subject to additional charges.